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Australian Gold - HOT! Hybrid - kosteuttava solariumvoide - 250ml Uutuus!

Australian Gold - HOT! Hybrid - kosteuttava solariumvoide - 250ml

Australian Gold - HOT! Hybrid - kosteuttava solariumvoide - 250ml

69,90 €

Tanstore tuotekoodi: 858 | Australian Gold Tuotekoodi: A40610
Tuotekategoria: Solariumkosmetiikka


Aloe-base (1st listed ingredient) uses an industry exclusive high level of concentrated Aloe Vera Gel that helps heal, soothe and moisturize for healthy, smooth skin

Maximum Tanning Energy™ Intensifier is a blend of dark tanning Omega Oils and Herbal Extracts that work together to help enhance the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and promote dark, long-lasting color

Red Light Collagen Boost utilizes superior skincare ingredients, including Peptides that are rich in amino acids which help to promote the synthesis of proteins and help provide support to the skin; these are also known to help boost collagen and elastin production which help to improve overall smoothness of the skin

Antioxidants & Skincare is a fusion of Vitamins A, C and E with Pro-Vitamin B5 that help to provide protection to the skin and combat free radials and other environmental factors for a dazzling glow, while Squalane and Allantoin help increase skin smoothness and provide skin soothing and hydration for a soft, youthful complexion

ATO Defense utilizes Australian Tea Tree Oil to help prevent after-tan odor from occurring

Fragrance: Classic CocoaDreams

Size: 250ml

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